Imagining Spring and Beyond

Spring is here, and it still feels just around the corner. What will this season bring? Who will enjoy the produce, the beauty of this field? Will wild weather make it difficult to grow food and flowers this year, or will the cover crops be the shining stars of the season, holding the soil in place from erosion?

I enjoy the paths we are creating, the vision that Bushelcraft Farm is living into. We are becoming a haven for renewal, a place for learning, and an opportunity to get hands in soil. Soon, we will have garden signs along our walk ways and tomatoes staked in the field. For now, that still feels far away. But really it’s coming soon enough.

I hope and pray for new folks to come visit this place in the coming year. I wish for families with kids to see a tomatillo dangling from the vine or eat a cherry tomato fresh in the field. I can only imagine what this season might bring.

Published by Bushelcraft Farm

Bushelcraft Farm is an educational farm located in north central Indiana, just outside of Elkhart. This emerging organization not only grows food to increase healthy local food to its nearby community, it is also offering educational and outdoor experiences on the land for people to grow, connect, and feel renewal. We as an organization and a farm offer classes, volunteer opportunities, and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares to those in our area. Join us in supporting our work and mission.

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